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Sorry to spoil the party… ?>

Sorry to spoil the party…

With Iraq slowly sliding down the news agenda, you’d be forgiven for thinking that everything was bordering on tickety-boo now that Saddam has upped-sticks – after all, troops in the south of the country are enjoying Pizza Hut and Burger King meals. Jay Garner apparently had a burger and and a coke for his lunch the other day so it must all be ok.

We’re currently getting ourselves in a froth over a virus that has still killed less people than heart disease, AIDS, handguns, flu, cars and cluster bombs and which is difficult to transmit, especially if you exercise a little decency by washing your hands after taking a shit. Over in Iraq, the Iraqi people aren’t too exercised by Sars – they’re too busy being killed by unexploded ordnance and contaminated drinking water. read more

Green Fairy ?>

Green Fairy

Green Fairy

I have a rule about plugging or linking to other people’s blogs (apart from Anna at Kooky Mojo, who was the first person to link to BRP back in the day.) This is mainly to avoid helping perpetuate some kind of webloggers’ circle jerk – a lot of blogs source their content from other blogs, the quality and wit degrading upon each iteration.

But recently I’ve really been enjoying Green Fairy. I became vaguely aware of GFDC last year after the site was shortlisted, along with BRP, for the Guardian’s Best British Blog. Being caught up in the heady whirl of suddenly having a couple of hundred visitors a day for the week after the list was released, I didn’t pay much attention to the other nominees. I’ve found GFDC again after, that’s right, the owner linked to BRP. read more

Burn, baby, burn ?>

Burn, baby, burn

Taking a welcome break from watching buildings burn on 24-hour news programmes, several hundred pyromaniacs gathered on Brighton beach today to watch the West Pier reduced to a smoking skeleton.

Food was provided for the hungry onlookers by collecting the bodies of starlings that had succumbed to smoke inhalation and fallen into the sea while roosting on the unburnt part of the Pier.

Fire officers suspect the blaze was started deliberately. Pentagon officials cannot confirm or deny that the fire was caused by a stray precision-guided missile. read more