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ABOUT_USTimothy L. Brown is a jobbing journalist who specialises in insignificant stories of parochial interest to non-entities. After several years working his way down the ranks of the popular media, he is now an assistant dogsbody working for a minor broadcaster. His past achievements pale into insignificance when you realise quite how long ago he left school. His hobbies include nude Twister and collecting pictures of girls.

Samuel L Samson is a renowned film actor, who starred in such epics as ‘Pump Fiction’, ‘Cheap Blue Sea’ and many reviewers claim he steals the show in the new Star Wars movie, ‘Attack of the Badly Shaven Macaques’. A quiet and reserved man off-screen, Samuel delights in wearing lace and making girls out of macrame. Samuel is not now, nor has he ever been, Afro Caribbean.

Ronald Smith , after a decade working in International Relations, produced the seminal short film ‘Semen’, which won the 2002 Baton d’Or at the Perigord Festival de Mummerie Extraordinaire. He lives in Buckinghamshire, where he is married with two rented children.